SCS is the vision of one man, Robert J. Tomczak. Having been in the service business ever since he delivered newspapers during the cold Minnesota winters at age 6, Mr. Tomczak has always been committed to exceeding the expectations of his customers.

With Satellite Communication Systems (SCS), Mr. Tomczak saw the future of television and satellite technology when he began the company in 1979. SCS was there for the "birth" of the satellite industry as we know it. In October of 1979, the FCC legalized the use of Television Receive Only (TVRO) antennas (i.e. "satellite dishes") without a license. This enabled companies and individuals to more easily utilize satellite technology, but they really didn't know what it could do for them. SCS was instrumental in educating corporations and individuals about the capabilities they now had available to them. SCS also designed and installed systems for companies like United Airlines, who still use the design as part of their emergency management system.

As the satellite industry grew, so did SCS. Corporations started seeing the benefits of adding video to their teleconferences and using satellite technology to do so. SCS was -- and continues to be -- a consultant for numerous companies as they incorporated satellite technology into their daily routine. SCS established itself as a leading provider of technical and satellite downlink services for companies in the Midwest.

In the mid-1980s, satellite technology took another step transportable satellite uplinking, modeled after the mobile satellite services long used by the military. Television networks began building a few satellite uplink trucks for their own use. SCS was one of the few private companies to first introduce an independent satellite uplink truck for use by television and corporate clients alike. Consulting with major television networks and engineers, SCS set out to build a better truck -- it would have capabilities like no other. When that truck hit the road in 1988, CBS News heralded it as the "Super Truck". The television network even used it as a model for some of its trucks.

During the last thirty years, broadcasters and corporations alike have discovered the value of satellite technology and have found new uses for it. From live shots and backhauls to events and satellite videoconferencing, satellite has become integral to the way television and businesses work. As society has become more reliant on and responsive to the use of video, so has the video communications industry grown; and the SCS has blossomed along with it. Early on, the company expanded its video production services to support its satellite uplink services. Now, these services, together with video streaming, point to point microwave, and IP video conference services, form a unique suite of services, enabling our experts to customize a solution for each of its clients.

During the last three decades, the company has grown, but the commitment to services has never wavered. In 2000, a 24 hour booking center was established to serve the needs of our broadcasters and international clients. In 2002, an online inquiry / booking system was added to our website, enabling clients to submit dates and service needs and receive a timely response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In business now for nearly four decades, SCS is dedicated to providing clients with the quality they expect and the attention they deserve.