Achieving A Successful Webinar is More Than Just Technical

Achieving A Successful Webinar is More Than Just Technical

 There is more to a webinar than meets the eye.   A technically successful web event is not necessarily an EFFECTIVE event.  While there are many services out there that offer inexpensive or even free DIY webcast and webinar services, they  don't address the non-technical elements of the experience. It is these elements that make the difference between an average webinar and an OUTSTANDING webinar.  


We have over 30 years of experience with live video meetings.  This knowledge can be leveraged and adapted to the web 2.0 model to make your next webinar or webcast successful.


Do you know...

When is the best time to do a webinar?

What is the best format to keep your viewers interest?

How to best reach your target audience in order to increase your invitee to attendee ratio?

What the best production elements are for web based video?

Why PowerPoint isn't always the answer?

What the ideal structure of information should be in order to engage your audience?

What the #1 priority must be when launching a webinar?


We can help with these and more details.  You have the technology already figured out;  if you're new to Webinars, we can help with that part too.  More specifically, though, we can harness our experience and knowledge to help make your next webinar the BEST EVER!  


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