IP via Satellite

IP via Satellite

access ipIP technology enables the transfer of data across the country and around the world with just 0s and 1s. Some venues offer sufficient dedicated internet bandwidth, but most do not. Even if told that they do, it is often discovered later that the internet service is not reliable or is actually shared with the front office or other aspects of the location. In other situations, crowds are such that the internet service is not reliable or sufficient. In any of these scenarios, it is desirable to secure dedicated bandwidth for the client's needs. A cost effective means to do this is via satellite, enabling the delivery of IP bandwidth virtually anywhere.Using the power of the Paradise Q-flex modem, SCS offers service from 4Mbps to 155Mbps bidirectional or 2:1 asymetrical.

Users of IP via satellite quickly see just how effective it is for:

  • Video streaming
  • Delivery of separate camera shots
  • Crowd use
  • Social media
  • VOIP lines
  • Media rooms

Perfect for:

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Private events
  • Sports broadcasts
  • Pay per view events
  • Satellite radio concerts