Satellite Trucks Live Feeds

Satellite Trucks Live Feeds

SCS knows news.Our satellite trucks have been present doing liveshots from some of the most historic happenings in North America over the last three decades including:

100 Year Flood in the Midwest

First Evidence of Cold Fusion at
Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico)

Hurricane Andrew

The Vancouver Summit with Presidents Gorbachev and Clinton

Oklahoma City Bombing

Chicago Democratic Convention

September 11 Attacks

Hurricane Katrina

Barack Obama's Election Night Celebration



In addition to the well-known stories, SCS is among the first on site for CBS, Fox, CNN, NBC, or ABC during more breaking news such as train and plane crashes, surprise concerts, Powerball winners, trials, and missing persons.

Respected business networks such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business News rely on the professionalism of SCS to deliver their stories of corporate moguls, economic trends, and industry news via satellite to their studios.

Sports networks like Comcast Sports and ESPN look to SCS when they need to broadcast a game, do a pre-game show, capture a last minute press conference or get that once-in-a-lifetime interview.

SCS serves the world as well. Broadcasters from Europe and Asia, including the BBC (U.K.) and NHK (Japan) know that they can count on SCS when they need a presence in the U.S.A. Whether covering an important trial in Chicago or a week-long beauty piece in New England, the news is delivered efficiently and professionally with the help of SCS.

For ENG camera crews, multi-camera shoots or satellite uplinks, the foremost broadcasters of the US and the world call SCS for quality service, equipment, and personnel. Our 24 hour booking center (+1 847 556 1056) enables broadcast clients to reach a representative when needed, regardless of timezone or time of day.