Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Whether a public webcast, targeted webinar, or enterprise solution, SCS has the best web streaming solution for the project.

If the event venue has enough internet capacity and speed or with a portable IP over satellite solution, the encoding can be done right on site. Often, though, limitations of the site make it more cost effective and reliable to send a
backhaul to our headend where the signal is encoded according to the client's specifications.

  • Project Management

  • Location Scouting

  • Multiple Cameras, Multiple Locations

  • Use of Pre-Produced Video and Audio

  • PowerPoint and Other Rich Media Integration

  • Branded Lobby and Auditorium Pages

  • Moderated Q&A

  • Live Messaging, Polling, and Surveys

  • User Tracking and Related Metrics

  • Pay Per View Events

SCS has the services and expertise needed to tailor a solution for each client's webcast needs. By combining SCS' web streaming services with video production and project coordination, clients rest easy knowing that their webcast event is in good hands.